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Super Programm! War schon oft sehr nützlich! Vielen Dank!...

Alex Bechner

Klasse Lineal! Danke :-)...


Prima Tools. Danke für deine Arbeit....


Vielen Dank für den Ruler und den Color Picker, die beiden haben mir eben viel Rumprobieren erspart....


Danke für das schöne Proggi....

Der Ich

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Saturday, 19. April 2014


the Screen ruler for graphic artists and web designers

PixelRuler - Screen ruler for graphic artists and web designers

PixelRuler is a free only for private use program for measuring horizontal and vertical distances on the entire screen, and is ideal for web designers and graphic artists. It has additional functions like a zoom window and a color value determination (RGB and HTML color values) etc.

11. August 2011
New Version 9.0 released

Funktion overview

  • Screen ruler for graphic artists and web designers
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment on the whole screen
  • Adjustable ruler length
  • Manual and automatic distance measurement
  • Zoom window with color value determination
  • Bilingual menue (german, english)
  • Settings: docking function, docking range, ruler- and font color, transparency, zoom
  • PixelRuler contains no Spyware, Malware or somethingelse
  • Operation systems: Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Win7 (32/64 Bit)

More infos:
Keyboard- and mouse functions
Buy PixelRuler

PixelRuler - free Version

Free only for private use.

• An info window will be displayed every 50 startups resp. once a week with a link to purchase a license.

Download PixelRuler

PixelRuler - commercial Version

• Get your PixelRuler lifetime full version
for only 5 EURO*.

More Infos...

Buy PixelRuler



* Excluding value added tax in accordance with 19 UStG, German law for small business.

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