Keyboard- and mouse functions - Overview

Keyboard allocations + Mouse functions

F1 Help
ALT+F1 (Hotkey) show/hide Ruler
Left mouse button (System-Trayicon) show/hide Ruler
ALT+X (Hotkey) copy current pixel color value to clipboard
ALT+F4 terminate PixelRuler
Arrow key mouse cursor +/- 1 pixel
CTRL+Arrow key mouse cursor +/- 10 pixel (accelerated)
SHIFT+Arrow key ruler +/- 1 pixel
SHIFT+ALT+Arrow key ruler +/- 10 pixel (accelerated)
+/- Key ruler length +/- 100 pixel
Mouse wheel ruler length +/- 100 pixel
SHIFT+Mouse wheel ruler length +/- 10 pixel
ALT+Arrow key ruler width +/- 1 pixel
ALT++/- increases/decreases the length of the red bar between 200-600 pixels
Left mouse button move ruler
Right mouse button Popup menu settings
Doubleclick toggle horizontal/vertical ruler alignment
ALT+J ruler jumps to current mouse position
Space start/stop measurement
ESC terminate measurement
Zoom window
Left mouse button move window
Doubleclick close window