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PixelRuler can be used with limited functionality only for private use free of charge.

The free version can only display an horizontal ruler, and it is not possible to run the program multiple times - in addition, an information window is displayed each time the program is started, which contains a link to purchase the full version. Multiple rulers, distance, angle measurement and golden ratio are only supported during a 1-week trial period.

The price for commercial use is only 4.95€* for one license (1 workstation). You get a volume discount when you purchase multiple licenses. More Info...

After receipt of payment (and a personal check of the payment and order data on my part), the buyer will receive a link per e-mail to receive the license key, which converts the free version into a full version.

Download PixelRuler

From version the old 8-digit license key is no longer valid!
License holders who are still using the old 8-digit license key of the previous versions are prompted to download the new license key before installing the current version - otherwise PixelRuler will only run with limited functionality!
Otherwise, and after the installation of the current version (or after entering the old license key) they are prompted to insert the following data:
  • your old order email address
  • and the old 8-digit license key
on the above webpage to get the new license key.

If you have any problems, please contact me, stating your full address + the 8-digit license key + your old order e-mail address.

All new customers will receive the license key by email after receipt of payment.
Windows 7-11 / pixelruler.zipWithout your feedback
the development of PixelRuler
cannot progress!
/ Version / 2.4MB / (30.07.2023)
MD5 hash (install.exe): ED92D390C012A43DC204577DE4CFC990
PixelRuler contains no Spyware, Malware or something similar
Download older PixelRuler versions: [10.5] [10.0] [9.6]


Version history

new since v11.0.0.0:

  • From version the old 8-digit license keys of the previous versions are no longer valid! PixelRuler will show a message and a link to receive the new license key.
  • Under "Info PixelRuler..." the company or the first and last name, as well as the postal code and city of the license holder are now displayed.
  • During the 1-week trial period the string "TRIAL" will be displayed on the ruler.
  • After the trial period has expired, the free version will only display one horizontal ruler, and distance, angle measurement and golden ratio will be deactivated.
  • New Scale for virtual pixel (DPI Scaling > 100%).
  • Button V(irtual) / R(eal) on ruler to switch between both scales.
  • Button ?(Help) on ruler to show keyboard and mouse functions.
  • Button +(Zoom) on ruler to show/hide the zoom window.
  • An attempt to make the strange DPI sizing of Windows fonts a bit more readable:
    New menu item "Numbers (Scale)" to show:
    • all numbers in 5px size.
    • all numbers in 6px size.
    • only even numbers (large)
    • only odd numbers (large)
  • New menu item "Extras... / show additional buttons on the ruler" to show/hide some new buttons on the ruler (e.g. "?" button to display the keyboard and mouse functions, and "+" button for the zoom window).
  • New menu item "show Coordinates on Ruler / Distance from 0|0 (grey)", to output the Length/Distance from the coordinate origin 0|0 of the ruler to the mouse pointer (using Pytagoras).
  • New menu item "show Coordinates on Ruler / Angle from 0|0 (purple)" to output the Angle function I from the coordinate origin 0|0 of the ruler to the mouse pointer (using atan2, in the right-hand Cartesian coordinate system).
  • Angle function II integrated in the measuring function of the ruler, to output the angle by setting the 1st measuring point as the coordinate origin 0|0, and a 2nd measuring point (using atan2, in the right-hand Cartesian coordinate system).
  • New menu item "show Coordinates on Ruler / Golden ratio (2 blue lines)", to output the Golden ratio, from the coordinate origin 0|0 of the ruler to the current length of the horizontal/vertical ruler.
  • With 2 simultaneous rulers, the menu item "Ruler position after double-click" has been deactivated - because it only makes sense with a single ruler. Double-click only changes to the last opposite position.
  • On the virtual scale the result of a measurement will now displayed in virtual pixels.
  • New menu item "Ruler always visible / Reset Ruler positions", if the ruler has been moved completely out of the visible monitor area.
  • Enlarged font size of the 100 numbers.
  • Fixed foreground background color transparency bug.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v10.5.0.0:

  • ALT++/- increases/decreases the length of the red bar between 200-600 pixels.
  • Inside the new menu item Extras... rarely required functions will be stored in the future.
  • New menu item "Extras... / minimize by clicking on the "X"" minimizes the ruler into the system tray instead of closing the program.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v10.0.0.0:

  • Commercial version contains now 2 rulers which are horizontally + vertically connected.
  • Program (only commercial version) can be run multiple times in order to independently place several individual rulers on the monitor.
  • ALT+J lets the ruler jump to the actual mouse position.
  • Mouse wheel adjusts the window size of the zoom window.
  • Zoom window contains 10 color fields for the last determined color values.
  • Scaling adjusted for high DPi (> 200%).
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.6.0.0:

  • New menu item Feedback
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.5.0.0:

  • Supports high resolution 4K/UHD monitors and Multimonitoring.
  • Monitor calibration for unit of length in mm, cm, inches, etc.
  • In addition to the running value for the actual Pixel position (green), a new value (black) is displayed which outputs the converted Pixel position for the corresponding zoom factor (scaling <> 100% / DPI <> 96).
  • Multimonitoring: max. Ruler length adapted to the complete virtual desktop.
  • ALT+X saves the actual Pixel color value to the clipboard. CTRL+ALT does not work anymore, but you can choose an other key combination under Hotkeys.
  • Copying the current Pixel color value to the clipboard now works system-wide without having the PixelRuler focus or the zoom window is open.
  • Accelerated mouse cursor movement when CTRL+Arrow keys are pressed longer.
  • Accelerated ruler movement when SHIFT+ALT+Arrow keys are pressed longer.
  • CTRL+Arrow keys moves mouse cursor by 10 pixels.
  • ALT+Arrow keys increases/decreases the ruler width.
  • New menu item Ruler always visible - allows you to move the ruler only up to the edge of the monitor (top, bottom, left, right), otherwise the ruler can also be moved outside the visible range.
  • New menu item show Coordinates on Ruler - activates/deactivates the running value(s) for the actual real and virtual Pixel positions and the unit of length. Without showing these values, the ruler can be used e.g. as a Reading Help (Hint: change the background color and font color both to the same color).
  • New menu item Font style (Coordinates) - you can choose different fonts and sizes for the horizontal and vertical actual Pixel color value(s).
  • Zoom window revised
  • Sound (can be switched on/off) when copying the actual Pixel color value to the clipboard.
  • Automatically weekly online search (can be switched on/off) for PixelRuler software updates.
  • Administrator: can disable the popup menu entries "Help" (inclusive function call "F1"), "Homepage" and "Search online for updates" via Registry setting.
  • New submenu items Background (Ruler) and Background (Coordinates) under "Transparency". This makes the ruler background and the background for the running coordinates values completely transparent.
  • New menu item Zoom window - to change the view size of the Zoom window.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.2.0.0:

  • PixelRuler saves Pixel color value to clipboard.
  • Zoom window with color values for Long and Websafe.
  • Mouse movements with Arrow keys can be enabled/disabled.
  • Small bugs fixed.

new since v9.1.0.0:

  • PixelRuler shows on every startup an info window with a link to purchase a license.
  • Bigger zoom window with fixed zoom factor 9.
  • PixelRuler remembers the opened/closed state of the zoom window and displays it accordingly at the next startup.
  • Varied bugs fixed like e.g.:
    Zoom area of the screen edges,
    Displaying the Help file,
    Measurement error in the ruler area between 0-15 pixels.

new since v9.0.0.0:

  • PixelRuler comes in 2 versions for private and commercial use.
  • Mouse wheel to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 100 pixels.
  • SHIFT+Mouse wheel to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 10 pixels.
  • Decrease/increase the ruler on both ruler ends by using a mouse.
  • +/- -keys (num. keypad) to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 100 pixels.
  • SHIFT+ +/- -keys (num. keypad) to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 10 pixels.
  • The active zoom window will be shown again after the ruler was minimized and maximized.
  • Option to directly show the ruler after program starts, or to hide it inside the system tray.
  • Red cursor shows the actual X/Y coordinates.
  • Current X- or Y-coordinates will be shown even if the mouse cursor is not located on the ruler.
  • Various bugs were fixed.

new since v8.0.0.0:

  • Hotkey to minimize into the system tray.
  • SHIFT+Cursor keys moves the ruler pixelwise.
  • Red line for an easier ruler alignment.
  • Program remembers last X/Y position of horizontal/vertical ruler after Restart.
  • Various bugs were fixed.