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Current version: PixelRuler

PixelRuler can be used with limited functionality only for private use free of charge.

The free version can only display 1 ruler at a time, and it is not possible to run the program multiple times - in addition, an information window is displayed each time the program is started, which contains a link to purchase the full version. Multiple rulers are only supported during a 1-week trial period that begins immediately after the software has been installed.

The price for commercial use is only 4.95€* for one license (1 workstation). You get a volume discount when you purchase multiple licenses. More Info...

After receipt of payment the buyer will receive an activation code by E-Mail, to convert the free version into a full version.

Download PixelRuler

Windows 7-11 / pixelruler.zipWithout your feedback
the development of PixelRuler
cannot progress!
/ Version / 2.4MB / (3.Jul.2021)
MD5 hash (install.exe): B92BB4C30594EB2158C9330CDD2A8C59
PixelRuler contains no Spyware, Malware or something similar


Version history

new since v10.5.0.0:

  • ALT++/- increases/decreases the length of the red bar between 200-600 pixels.
  • Inside the menu Extras... rarely required functions will be stored in the future.
  • Menu Extras...: minimize by clicking on the "X" minimizes the ruler into the system tray instead of closing the program.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v10.0.0.0:

  • Commercial version contains now 2 rulers which are horizontally + vertically connected.
  • Program (only commercial version) can be run multiple times in order to independently place several individual rulers on the monitor.
  • ALT+J lets the ruler jump to the actual mouse position.
  • Mouse wheel adjusts the window size of the zoom window.
  • Zoom window contains 10 color fields for the last determined color values.
  • Scaling adjusted for high DPi (> 200%).
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.6.0.0:

  • New menu item Feedback
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.5.0.0:

  • Supports high resolution 4K/UHD monitors and Multimonitoring.
  • Monitor calibration for unit of length in mm, cm, inches, etc.
  • In addition to the running value for the actual Pixel position (green), a new value (black) is displayed which outputs the converted Pixel position for the corresponding zoom factor (scaling <> 100% / DPI <> 96).
  • Multimonitoring: max. Ruler length adapted to the complete virtual desktop.
  • ALT+X saves the actual Pixel color value to the clipboard. CTRL+ALT does not work anymore, but you can choose an other key combination under Hotkeys.
  • Copying the current Pixel color value to the clipboard now works system-wide without having the PixelRuler focus or the zoom window is open.
  • Accelerated mouse cursor movement when CTRL+Arrow keys are pressed longer.
  • Accelerated ruler movement when SHIFT+ALT+Arrow keys are pressed longer.
  • CTRL+Arrow keys moves mouse cursor by 10 pixels.
  • ALT+Arrow keys increases/decreases the ruler width.
  • New menu item Ruler always visible - allows you to move the ruler only up to the edge of the monitor (top, bottom, left, right), otherwise the ruler can also be moved outside the visible range.
  • New menu item show Coordinates on Ruler - activates/deactivates the running value(s) for the actual real and virtual Pixel positions and the unit of length. Without showing these values, the ruler can be used e.g. as a Reading Help (Hint: change the background color and font color both to the same color).
  • New menu item Font style (Coordinates) - you can choose different fonts and sizes for the horizontal and vertical actual Pixel color value(s).
  • Zoom window revised
  • Sound (can be switched on/off) when copying the actual Pixel color value to the clipboard.
  • Automatically weekly online search (can be switched on/off) for PixelRuler software updates.
  • Administrator: can disable the popup menu entries "Help" (inclusive function call "F1"), "Homepage" and "Search online for updates" via Registry setting.
  • New submenu items Background (Ruler) and Background (Coordinates) under "Transparency". This makes the ruler background and the background for the running coordinates values completely transparent.
  • New menu item Zoom window - to change the view size of the Zoom window.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.2.0.0:

  • PixelRuler saves Pixel color value to clipboard.
  • Zoom window with color values for Long and Websafe.
  • Mouse movements with Arrow keys can be enabled/disabled.
  • Small bugs fixed.

new since v9.1.0.0:

  • PixelRuler shows on every startup an info window with a link to purchase a license.
  • Bigger zoom window with fixed zoom factor 9.
  • PixelRuler remembers the opened/closed state of the zoom window and displays it accordingly at the next startup.
  • Varied bugs fixed like e.g.:
    Zoom area of the screen edges,
    Displaying the Help file,
    Measurement error in the ruler area between 0-15 pixels.

new since v9.0.0.0:

  • PixelRuler comes in 2 versions for private and commercial use.
  • Mouse wheel to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 100 pixels.
  • SHIFT+Mouse wheel to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 10 pixels.
  • Decrease/increase the ruler on both ruler ends by using a mouse.
  • +/- -keys (num. keypad) to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 100 pixels.
  • SHIFT+ +/- -keys (num. keypad) to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 10 pixels.
  • The active zoom window will be shown again after the ruler was minimized and maximized.
  • Option to directly show the ruler after program starts, or to hide it inside the system tray.
  • Red cursor shows the actual X/Y coordinates.
  • Current X- or Y-coordinates will be shown even if the mouse cursor is not located on the ruler.
  • Various bugs were fixed.

new since v8.0.0.0:

  • Hotkey to minimize into the system tray.
  • SHIFT+Cursor keys moves the ruler pixelwise.
  • Red line for an easier ruler alignment.
  • Program remembers last X/Y position of horizontal/vertical ruler after Restart.
  • Various bugs were fixed.